Engineered side-by-side with healthcare professionals.

Born from a profound understanding of what could make the ultimate medical device, BluBox™ has been enhanced to fulfil the needs of health care professionals. BluBox™ is an in vitro diagnostics point-of-care reader, which can read ViroTrack™ single-use, disposable cartridges targeting specific biomarkers or panels of biomarkers for infectious diseases.


Touch screen display provides an easy-to-use interface


BluBox™ housing is made from durable material (ABS) that ensures robustness & easy cleaning


The BluBox™ handle allows for secure carrying of the device


User-friendly chuck guarantees effortless insertion of the cartridge


Integrated quality control and self-testing system ensures high system reliability


USB ports guarantee quick data transfer

Clinical studies worldwide

Striving to bring devices of the best possible quality to the market, BluSense understands the critical role clinical studies play in evaluating the safety and effectiveness of medical products. We have run clinical trials in more than 12 countries and continue to develop knowledge of what makes a global next-generation device.


Thanks to magnetic incubation and accelerated reaction times, IMA technology is inherently faster than other technologies. This means BluBox is capable of providing results to users in as little as 7 minutes.


With its proven precise quantification ability and low CV, BluBox offers high sensitivity comparable to the one obtainable with standard CLIA/ELISA instruments. ViroTrack tests performed on BluBox have diagnostic accuracy above 99%.

Easy to operate

Users can learn to run a test with as little as 15 minutes of training. Instructions are displayed on-screen, while sample centrifugation and processing are integrated and automated. Moreover, built-in image recognition ensures all steps run smoothly.

Unprecedented diagnostic accuracy in minutes

The BluBox™ system combines automated on-the-spot sample processing with operational simplicity. ViroTrack™ consumables ensure immediate operation with less than 20 seconds of hands-on time. Forget waiting for days to receive lab results. With BluBox™ and ViroTrack™, you will have the answers within minutes.

Product Specifications

BluBox™ technical data

Screen 7” Color touchscreen
Memory 10 000 tests
Data Transfer USB; WiFi; LAN
Accessories Barcode reader; A4 printer; Thermal printer; USB WiFi Dongle
External AC/DC power adaptor input 100 - 240 V AC, 2.0 A - 1.0 A,50/60 Hz
External AC/DC power adaptor output 19 V, 4,73 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 210 x 200 x 170 mm
Weight 3,1 Kg
Connectivity ports 3 x USB; LAN; HDMI (disabled)
Test throughput ∼6 tests per hour (depending on test type)
Compatibility BluBox® is compatible with ViroTrack® cartridges

Operation conditions

Temperature range 15 - 35 °C
Relative humidity 10 - 80% (non-condensing)
Transport temperature - 10 - 40 °C

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